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What's News!

 Book Club is back!

Senior Book Club will start

Thursday 23rd February.

Junior Book Club will start

Tuesdsay 28th February.

If you would like to join up, then come along to our first sessions for the year.

Click here for more details.



The library has changed over the break in a number of small but exciting ways!

Not only do we have a new Reading Room to relax in, our fiction will now be sorted by genre to make it easy to find something new to read.

Our Favourites

Book Club News

Are you having difficulty finding the right book to read?

Why not join the SBC Book Club...

         Meetings are  held in the library at lunchtime and cover all genre's and reading levels. Click the link for more details.

The new Reading Room

From page to film...

Library Staff

If you need assistance from the library staff please call 9289 1191 or email us.


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Online Resources


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World Book online

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Echo - Media issues

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Mon to Thurs              8am until 4.30pm

Friday                         8am until 4.00pm 


B & W - 10 cents per page (A4), 15 cents (A3)

Colour - $1.00 per page (A4), $1.50 per page (A3)

Quote of the week



You know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.

- Paul Sweeney